5 Tasks That Your Small Business Can Automate Today


Automate Today , are you a small business owner who feels like you’re constantly playing catch-up? If you’re struggling to keep up with the day-to-day tasks of running your business, it might be time to start thinking about automation. Automating mundane, repetitive tasks can free up your time so that you can focus on more important things. Not sure where to start? Here are five tasks that your small business can automate today: 

Automate Today

Scheduling Appointments and Meetings

If you spend a large chunk of your day scheduling appointments and meetings, consider using an online scheduler. There are a number of different schedulers on the market, such as Calendly and Acuity Scheduling. Online schedulers allow your clients or customers to self-schedule appointments or meetings with you at a time that works for both parties. 

Managing Your Email Inbox 

An inbox overloaded with emails can be daunting. To help you take control of your inbox, consider using an email management tool like SaneBox or Inbox by Gmail. These tools prioritize your emails so that you can quickly triage and respond to the most important messages first. SaneBox also allows you to automatically unsubscribe from newsletters and other email lists that you no longer want to receive. 

Tracking Your Expenses 

If you find yourself manually inputting expenses into a spreadsheet at the end of every month, consider using an automated expense tracker like Expensify or Expense Converter instead. With these tools, you can simply take a photo of your receipts and have them automatically added to your records. You can also connect your business credit card or bank account to have your expenses tracked in real-time. 


For prospective customers, if they have any questions or problems, consider setting up an automated chatbot on your website. There are a number of different chatbot platforms available, such as Chatfuel and Motion AI. You can use these platforms to create a custom chatbot for your business without needing any coding knowledge. 

Social Media Management 

If social media is a big part of your marketing strategy, automating your posts can help you save a significant amount of time. Platforms likeBuffer and Hootsuite allow you to schedule social media posts in advance. You can also use these platforms to track performance metrics so that you can see which types of posts are resonating with your audience the most. 

By automating some of the more mundane tasks associated with running a small business, you can free up valuable time that can be better spent on developing new products, researching new marketing strategies, or simply taking a much-needed break. So what are you waiting for? Start automating today!


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